“For me personally, participating in the fat-loss challenge truly changed my life. I am 34 and haven’t felt this healthy since college…. or maybe ever!?! I am still trying to live by the nutrition plan Pete prescribed and the 32 pounds I have lost is staying off. I am running and biking faster and further than I ever have in my whole life and I have a totally new appreciation for what a “tough workout” actually means. I can’t thank team royalty enough for all the help and encouragement in making these lifestyle changes!!”

– Scott

“I LOVE CrossFit Royalty… it truly is a family. I know that on any given day, regardless of my mood I am going to walk in there and someone or something is going to make me smile or brighten my day. If you are going to be going on a regular basis you truly have to like the people you are there with. Our coaches are absolutely the best and the programming is great. I tell people on a regular basis that our coaches are smart and will be the first to tell you to lower a weight or that you are doing a movement incorrectly. If they sense you might injure yourself or are not capable of a movement/weight they find an alternative. They are not there to make you do something you are not capable of, but they will push you to achieve what you are capable of. I have visited other CrossFit gyms and I just love the people at Royalty.”

– Tara

CrossFit has been a part of my fitness training and something I have been very enthusiastic for some time now.  My entire five year career in the sport was spent training at the same gym in the city. I felt very at home at my gym.  I had strong connections with the people I was training with and most importantly the programming was always challenging just like the environment.  

When my fiance and I bought a house in Trooper this past summer the thought of finding a new CrossFit gym was terrifying to me and quite frankly not something I was looking forward to.  I spent much of the summer talking to local coaches, trying out programming at the boxes in the area and asking a ton of questions. It was a top priority of mine to find a gym with programming that was just as strong as my previous gym’s.  After all I was still looking to progress; not take steps backward.

Pete and the other coaches at Royalty were nothing but helpful from the very start.  They answered all my questions and put my concerns aside. When I did get into the gym I was pleasantly challenged by the workouts.  To this day I can honestly say I have never once left the gym feeling like I did not get a great workout in. The classes at Royalty are structured and organized.  The coaches are approachable and knowledgeable and the athletes are welcoming. They are also strong and work out at a level that pushes me everyday.

I am so pleased I have found a new home at CrossFit Royalty were my love of fitness is encouraged and renewed each time I come in to workout.”

– Lauren

I began sporadically coming in because after college I wanted a workout regimen to adhere to, I had tried out a few gyms but it got very mundane because I always did the same stuff and didn’t see much of any progress. With a goal in mind of pursuing ministry and being unpaid for a time I had to be cost conscious so personal training wasn’t a realistic and fiscally responsible option. I thought Crossfit wasn’t either but I came in and felt so welcomed, never judged for inability to perform at times, which was great because it can be very intimidating. I came from being one of the best at my sport on my team to struggling EVERYDAY with something new. I visited many many other Crossfit boxes but none fully compare to how at home, comfortable and well taught I feel by such capable coaches and thoughtful members at Crossfit Royalty. I’ve never made such progress in all the training I’ve done with other sports. I never thought I could climb a rope, have any level of upper body strength-AT ALL, do a pull up on my own or even barbell movements and I’ve conquered so much self doubt in the years I’ve come but there is still so much more!! I love that I’m constantly challenged and working to improve, i never feel skipped over despite group size which is so important and when I defeat myself in my head (which I constantly do) I am always encouraged and reminded my body can do it and I have more in me, which I know I do.! I continue to look forward to more progress, working on achieving strength goals, setting more goals, improving gymnastic movements (since Bill and I are BFFs I know he wants to hang out more), building friendships, being more consistent in my attendance despite my frequent travel, and eventually getting my wrists to work and get dubs under my belt.!!!

– Ashleigh

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