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Friday 11/30

Thursday, 29 November 2012 11:08

Skill: Snatch if you already can snatch find a 3 RM (not touch and go) of Power Snatch.  When you drop set your feet and snatch it back up


Then in 20 minutes climb as high as you can on the ladder of 10m sprints.

Minute 1: 1 10m sprint

Minute 2: 2 10m sprints

Minute 3: 3 10m sprints etc. etc.

You have the full minute to complete the required number of sprints.  If at some point you don't get the required number of sprints in, your score is the last completed number and you will start over at 5 10m sprints and climb back up until the 20 minutes is over.

This workout is a named workout.  But you must come in tomorrow to find out what it is called:)


Long video but worth watching.  And visualize yourself doing the movement.  The Snatch is one of the most complicated (if not the most) lifts we will do.  Which is funny because the bar should go from the ground to overhead in a straight line.



Thursday 11/29

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:40

Congrats to Coach George on his first muscle-up, big things are ahead for him. Watch Out!  Also Jaime, Scott, Zach and Mike rocking the kip.


Reminder this Sunday 12/1 after the WOD (12:30ish) we are headed over to Chickie and Pete's for some food, football and awesomeness. Let one of the coaches know if you want to come.


WOD: For Time

15 Push Press (115, 75)

30 Box Jumps (24, 20)

45 Wall Balls (20,14)

10 Push Press

20 Box Jumps

30 Wall balls

5 Push Press

10 Box Jumps

15 Wall balls



Wednesday 11/28

Monday, 26 November 2012 19:36

Keisha, Nicole and Ali grinding it out on the V-Sit holds.


Who is up for hanging out this Sunday 12/1 after the WOD? We are planning on heading over to Chickie and Pete's after the 11:30 class ends.  Let Karin, George or Pete know if you are interested.  Eagles play in the night game (not that they are really fun to watch right now) but there will be other games on. 


Skill: Deadlift set a 5RM


5 rounds

7 deadlifts (255/155)

9 HR push-ups

11 Weighted situps (25, 10)



Tuesday 11/27

Monday, 26 November 2012 07:18

6am Class is cancelled for today 11/27, PM classes are still on as scheduled


Skill: The Double Under... Every jump you make the jump rope will make two rotations 


WOD: 16 minute AMRAP of

40 Double unders

10 pull-ups

every 2 minutes you must stop what you are doing and complete 10 burpees 

We will start at 0:00 with 10 burpees, after the burpees are complete begin 40 double unders and then move on to pull-ups.  You will keep a constant count on your rounds.  Ex. at the 2 minute mark you have completed 13 pull-ups, stop 10 burpees and then go back to your 14th pull up.  


Video on Double Unders

Monday 11/26

Sunday, 25 November 2012 16:29

Jamie hitting some burpee box jumps as Mike looks on, and Heather climbing the rope for the first time!!!



Skill: Front Squat

Establish a 5 RM. 


WOD: For time


Front Squats (155/105)

Ring Dips

8 minute time cap

At 8 minute mark :50 seconds of V-Sit hold :10 rest 4x (record shortest V-sit hold)




Sunday 11/25

Saturday, 24 November 2012 13:02

The Saturday class thoroughly enjoying some kneeling splits after lunges, butterfly sit-ups and bear crawls.

Couple of announcements first:

1) Today our Olympic lifting coach Jon Zajac will be in around 1pm. I encourage everyone (if your able) to swing by around then to see what he can offer.  Jon is currently training to make the 2016 Olympic team for weight lifting.  He is a terrifc coach for the Olympic lifts (snatch & clean and jerk).  He charges $30 per 1 hour small group session. Stop by or hang out until 1ish to watch and talk to Jon if you have any questions. 

2) Remember to log-in to Zenplanner to sign up for classes on a daily basis:)  If you are having problems talk to one of the coaches or shoot us an email.


For todays workout make sure you wear or bring high socks.  If you have baseball/softball batting gloves or work type gloves (not Mittens) bring them, and we are going to be running outside, but everyone should be plenty warmed up by then.

Partner workout: 1 person works while the other person rests. reps will be split evenly

2 rounds for total reps

3 minutes rope climb (12ft/10ft) 1:1

3 minutes burpee box overs (24/20 with top touches)

3 minutes medball slams (40/20)

3 minutes 150m sprint 1:1


Saturday 11/24

Friday, 23 November 2012 13:26

Big Congrats to Bob getting his first Muscle-up yesterday.  (this picture was actually of his 5th or 6th).  Awesome job Bob!


AMRAP in 14 minutes of

12 OH lunges (45/25)

18 Butterfly sit-ups

24m bear crawl

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