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Tuesday 4/10

Sunday, 08 April 2018 17:09



12 Min ALT EMOM: CrossFit and Bootcamp

Even: 1 min Strict HSPU (8-10 heavy seated Z-presses OR Deficit Dive Bombers)

Odd: :50 Max Distance farmers carry (set your KB or DBs up close to HS area)


For Time:

100 Dubs

5 Manmakers (50s/35s)

90 Dubs

7 Manmakers (50s/35s)

80 Dubs

9 Manmakers (50s/35s)


(150/125/100 singles)


After party Core:

Accumulate 30 reps of

weighted plank arm raises (5s or 2.5s)

-holding 2 small plates get into plank then raise your R arm holding for a strong 1 count= 1 rep






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