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Monday 12/11

Thursday, 07 December 2017 09:34

What a great time at our Holiday Party Saturday! A huge thank you to Heather and Chris for being such amazing hosts.  


Couple of Dates:

Thursday and Friday 12/14, 12/15 I will be doing DEXA body comp scans if anyone is interested.  The cost is $50

Thursday time slots 9:30am-1pm. Friday time slots 8am-1:30pm email me if you are interested


Saturday 12/16: 12 Days of Christmas workout. We will have classes at 8:45am and 10:00am 


Saturday 1/6: CrossFit Royalty's first lift off.  If you want to show off how much you lift plan on coming the 6th




We are celebrating a few recent Birthday's of Alex (11/20), Felicia (12/4) and Sam (12/8) 

they asked for a few movements that actually fit in pretty well. Blame them 


10 minutes to review bear complex and work to a moderate 2 rep 

(do 3-5 lifts)


Since they turned 26, 26, 25 respectively their average age is 25.66667 soooo

25:40 AMRAP (yes an extra :40 of fun) 

1 Rope Climb (6 Single arm ring rows 3/3) 

8 Alternating Pistols (MB Lunges) 

2 Bear Complexes (135/95) (Scale the weight)

-1 minute rest between rounds (if you finish a round past the 24:40 mark you can add to your score by performing Power Cleans until time runs out) 



For Time:

50 Weighted Sit-ups

50 Weighted Russian Twists (L/R=1)

-starting at 0:00 and every 2:00 perform 10/8 cals on bike

10 minute cap


25 Min AMRAP

10 Jumping Pull-ups 

8 MB Lunges 

6 ManMakers 

- 1 minute rest between rounds 


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