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Saturday 12/2

Friday, 01 December 2017 08:14


Suffer Saturday:

For Time:

30 Single DB ManMaker Buy-in (35/20) (50/30 Rx+)*


5 Rounds 

10 OHS (95/65) (115/75 Rx+)


14 Goblet Step-ups 20" (55/35)

400m Run


30 Single DB ManMaker Cash-Out (35/20) (50/30 Rx+)


40 minute Cap

* Single DB Man Maker is:

DB in right Hand- Push-up + R arm row + R arm DB Cluster =1

Then switch to left hand and repeat 



20 minutes to cycle through 

4 Floor Bench Press* increase load throughout 

8 Ring Rows (add weight if possible)

12 MB V-ups with rotation (take the MB to the outside of your left foot then to the outside of R foot)


*The floor bench press is a very powerful movement to help increase upper body pushing strength.  It is a little awkward at first, start lighter and find your rhythm.  Control the bar down until your elbows touch the floor, PAUSE- then explode up, keeping the shoulder blades pinched together. you can move some serious weight with these have a spotter though


15 min AMRAP

15 Air Squats

10 Push-ups

1 Cluster (155/105)

Beginning at 0:00 and every 3:00 row 250/200m with the damper on 1






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