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Monday 6/19

Friday, 16 June 2017 10:37


NO 6:30 or 9am class today


We are sliding into a 20 rep Back Squat cycle.  Over the course of the next 6 weeks on Monday and Thursday we will perform 20 rep back squat.  It starts today with a 1RM Squat test.  On Thursday you will take 60% of your max and squat it 20 reps. Then every time we complete 20 reps we will add 5 lbs the next time.  This is an awesome way to go about increasing strength and muscular endurance.  Plus the time under tension is going to really amp up your metabolisms.  



1 RM Back Squat 


8 min AMRAP 


Box Jump Over (24/20)

Single Arm KB Thruster (55/35) (split reps evenly)



7 min AB-RAP

10 Straight leg raises over KB

10 Reverse sit-ups

10 Weighted Sit-ups 

10 No Arm Swing Abmat sit-ups

20 Plank Hip Touches 

20 Side Plank Starfish (10/10)



18 min ALT EMOM

Even: :20 wall sit + 5 No push-up burpees

ODD: 20 Double unders/40 Singles + 10 V-ups


12 Min AMRAP

20 Box Overs 

20 OH Plate Lunges 

20 Ring Rows

20 Weighted Sit-ups 





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