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Ryan W

Wednesday, 08 April 2015 14:09 Written by

"Let me just say I haven't had the greatest self confidence in many years, especially about my body image, and even now it's better but not the best. But the fact that more fitted workout clothes from Reebok that I thought I would never fit in, now fit somewhat. It's gonna take some time to get my mind right but going to classes and making small victories in the gym I rarely share here. But today working out in my new workout clothes, at 278 lbs I was able to kick up to a handstand against a wall with almost ease after not really working on the movement since December accumulating about 3 min of holds. After that I did a deadlift and push-up workout and after accumulated about 1:30 more handstand holds. Body weight movements are my arch nemesis but keeping with small victories will one day become a huge win. It didn't take me overnight to gain the weight and it won't be overnight losing the weight but 132 lbs down I'm building the strength to do things I probably couldn't have done in highschool. Thanks to everyone at Crossfit Royalty for always pushing me and believing in me sometimes more then I believe in myself." ~Ryan W

We are so proud of you Ryan, you are a true inspiration!!! Keep up the amazing work!

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