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We are excited to announce we will be starting Royal Boot Camp after the open.  Tell your friends!!! This will be the awesome workouts we do on a daily basis without the barbells.  We will have it Mon and Weds at 6:30am. Tues and Thurs at 9am and 6:30pm* (this will run simultaneously with our regular WOD at 6:30pm)

Want to volunteer for the Royal Ruckus? Fill out this form!

Coach Misbah is a pretty popular dude Sunday mornings.  We have decided to offer 2 Olympic lifting classes Sunday morning 9:30 and 10:30am.  Now there are going to be 12 spots available at each class.

Rules and Obligations for Signing-up for OLY class:

1) You must sign-up on Zenplanner to attend the class. - If the class is full we do apologize and will be tracking this over the next few weeks to see how we can accommodate everyone.

2) If you sign-up for class you are expected to show-up 

2b) If you will not be able to make it you must remove your reservation by 6pm on Saturday night

2c) If you do not remove your reservation and no show for OLY class you will be charge $10   

3) Show up ready to lift, (arrive a few minutes early to start warming up on your own) 

4) OLY class is not open gym, if you come prior to 11:30am for open gym you must stay out of the way of the class and are only allowed to stretch/mobilize.

We've partnered with SweatAngels! Every time you check-in, they donate! This month is going to coats for the needy. Every time an athlete checks in at our location, they make a donation to a great cause. It's a win for owners, athletes, and charities alike. What's not to love? Do your part, and Check-In on Facebook!

If you are banged up and need to see Nicole her schedule is Saturday at 10am-11am and Sunday at 9:30am-10:30am. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and offers the following:

  • injury evaluations
  • stretching
  • therapeutic exercise following injury
  • scraping

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